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Geometric earrings by Cristina Armesilla. Limited series of 5 pieces from Iridiscencias collection. Made by Cristina Armesilla. Handmade Jewelry in Madrid. Ursula Villalta del Blanco. Contemporary jewelry & fun. Exclusive Jewellery.

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Iridiscencias collection

Sunmi wearing Mix Max choquer & Mix Max bracelet from Iridiscencias collection by Cristina Armesilla, contemporary jewelry & fun. Handmade jewellery made and designed in Madrid, Spain.


Cristina Armesilla is a contemporary jewelry designer. Her collections are very sculptural and have a strong influence from modern architecture. Although she works with precious metals she also includes innovative materials in her designs. Her latest collections are made of gold-plated silver, resin and dichroic sheet. The dichroic sheet is a material that has the quality of changing color according to the angle of vision, it is typical of architecture but she integrates it into the jewel to give it a unique and modern character. Cristina designs and elaborates manually each jewel in her small studio in Madrid where she takes care of every little detail of the whole process.